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                       K. Walter Construction is a masonry contractor that was founded in 1981 by Karl   Walter. We are currently involved in commercial masonry construction in both the public and private sectors. We also do some work on high end   residential properties that consist mostly of brick or stone veneers.



              Over the years, we have  consistently been committed to the highest standards of workmanship and we are proud of the reputation we have earned. We remain committed to quality and believe our employees, being our strongest asset, reflect that.


                       We are proud of our safety record. We maintain our equipment  and jobsite practices to provide a safe working environment for everyone on our jobsite. All of our employees have completed a certified OSHA training and safety course. We have regular jobsite safety inspections provided by an independent company to evaluate our jobsite safety practices, which reflects on our safety record.

Any questions, feel free to contact us at Karl Walteror Contact Info


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